Slow Turtles NFT

Get yourself a turtle


999 unique turtles 🐢

The Slow Turtles NFT is a collection of 999 unique Turtles who unite together on the Polygon Blockchain 🔥

Each Turtle is a unique 3D model crafted by a top-tier designer. There are 33 genesis turtles in the collection and holding one of them will give you advantages later on in the project!

Holding a Slow Turtle means joining a mini-society of enthusiasts within the NFT community 🏆

🗳 Community Voting System

👉   Determine the future of the project

👉   Vote for the best idea every 2 weeks

👉   Become a counselor to submit your own ideas

💚 10% donated to turtle rescue

👉   Take your part in saving endangered turtles

👉   Follow updates about adopted turtles in our Discord

👉   Support Sea Turtle Conservancy with us

🕹 The Sandbox Game integration

👉   Use your turtle voxel model within the game

👉   Walk around Slow Turtles headquarters

👉   Get $turtle coin for winning mini-games

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🚀 Roadmap V1

Here is our vision for the future of this project.


🗳 Community Voting System

We strongly believe that holders should have an ability to decide the future of the project. After the mint, we are going to open a voting system on our website. Participation will be exclusive for holders (1 turtle = 1 vote).

There will be two roles within the system: conselors and voters. Conselors will be able to submit their ideas and voters will pick the best one every two weeks. All picked ideas will be brought into existence by the founders!

To become a counselor, you will need to be either a holder of 3 regular turtles or one genesis turtle.


🎁 Huge Rewards to Holders

As community is very important for our team, every holder of Slow Turtles will have a chance to win huge monetary rewards. Giveaways will happen every week in-between mints.

Giveaways will take place after mint and allow holders to win the following prizes:

  • - MINT 1 holders: $3000
  • - MINT 2 holders: $1500
  • - MINT 3 holders: $1000

Holders of genesis turtles will have a 10x chance of winning! Chances to win in giveaways will also highly depend on how long you HODL and will be calculated on-chain!


🕹 Sandbox Integration

The NFT space grows rapidly, and our team strongly believes that every collection must have a utility.

Every holder of the Slow Turtles NFT will be able to receive a Sandbox model of their turtle! That will allow holders to represent our community within the game, bringing more hype to the project, thereby raising the floor price of the collection.

Additionally, we are going to purchase an area near Binance lands in The Sandbox Game and build the Slow Turtles headquarters there. Our team has decided to give a chance of designing the place to our community - the best one will be picked by the holders!


Meet the creators of the Slow Turtles NFT.

Join the Slow Turtles Community

Join a fast-growing community of crypto & NFT enthusiasts!

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